Happy Ending Stories


I hope to Someday be as 
good a friend to you that
you’ve been to me.
Thank you for accepting
 my faults,
For encouraging me to
try harder,
To live my life
more fully
and to laugh when I 
need it the most.
Thank you for simply
allowing me to be myself
and for coming into my life
as my friend.
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A Mother’s Love

You carried us

before we could walk

And sang to us

  before we could talk.

 You’ve held us close

and always near

And whispered away

our every fear.

 You’ve kissed our nose

And eyes and face

And blessed us with

God’s holy grace.

 Yours is a love that

hugs and mends.

It never leaves and

Never ends.



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Imagine facing what, at the time you think are your final moments on this Earth. What would be going through your mind? Who would you be thinking of? As your life flashed before your eyes would you be afraid, or full of hope and strength? Truthfully, none of us can answer these questions unless we’ve been in that situation. That is exactly where people along the east coast  found themselves while coming face to face with the power of Hurricane Sandy. One of the most harrowing accounts of this incredible storm comes from a 28 year old New Jersey man named Mike. His story was written about when a note he wrote to his Father, in what looked to be his final moments was discovered.

You can read Mike’s story here.

Mike found strength and courage in his will to live, and be reunited with his Father. Even when he thought he would not make it, he wanted his Father to know he tried. He chose his last words on Earth to be, “God Almighty, help me.” Our line of inspirational Gifts are designed to give you the strength and hope to get through terrible and frightening situations, and to ask for help from above when needed. Luckily, most of us will never face a challenge as immediate as Mike’s, but no matter the obstacles we need strength and hope each and everyday. Whether it be an illness, an injury, or life’s everyday tribulations, our Hope and a Future and Fear Not   necklaces will serve as a reminder to have the hope strength to keep going, no matter what we face.


Longest-married couple in the U.S. celebrates more than 80 years together The world was recently introduced to John and Ann Betar, the longest married couple in the United States. At 101 and 97 years old, they have lived a fulfilling and happy life together by following a few simple rules, and enjoying their always growing family. Through love and compromise they have shared love and marriage for 80 years. Their relationship proves that nothing can stand in the way of true love. These days, it may not seem too easy to compromise, or make time with each other. Lasting marriages seem to be inspiring stories in their own right, not just ones that last 80 years. The world has become a busy, fast paced place where time for your spouse is not always a priority. We all need to take a step back at times and realize what is truly important in our lives. After all love may not be all we need, but we all need it. When we have it, we need to grab on and not let go. That is what John and Ann did, and look at all the beauty they've shared. We may not all be lucky enough to share a love for 80 years, nonetheless, the time we have together is special. Our Sterling Silver Love Pendant is a beautiful symbol of love you can cherish for all the years to come. It is a wonderful way to show the world the love and faith that two special people share. Like John and Ann, every couple is special, and every love is different. This unique pendant represents that relationship beautifully.

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Tom’s way of asking her

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