Monthly Archives: March 2013

With Saint Patrick’s Day right around the corner there are lots of good times to be had. The color green, leprechauns, parties, parades and decorations are everywhere. No matter your heritage, everyone has Irish eyes, and a brogue at least for one day. There are many symbols used to represent Saint Patrick’s Day, but none more recognizable than the Four Leaf Clover.

Carried by many in history, from Abraham Lincoln to Napoleon, the Four Leaf Clover is of course equated with good luck. However, there is also some lesser known symbolism attributed to the famous four leaves. Each leaf actually has it’s own meaning. One leaf of course for luck, and the next three each for faith, hope and love. This symbolism evolved from the use of the three-leaved Shamrock as a tool to explain the Holy Trinity by Saint Patrick to his disciples. So while you are celebrating, take a moment and think about the meaning of this beautiful symbol. And always remember, when you have faith, hope and love in your life, you can truly consider yourself lucky.

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